Quality Control

Our laboratory has the necessary equipment to perform tests on personal protection elements, such as

Head Protection:

  • Helmet testing equipment. Tests that comply with NCH461-2001
  • Helmet tests, including impact absorption tests, penetration resistance, electrical insulation, flame resistance.
  • Under construction ANSI Z89.1 testing equipment.

Respiratory protection

We have equipment to perform tests that comply with the standard 42 CFR part 84, respiratory protection, such as:

  • Filtration tests against particulates of a level of Efficiency of N95 and P100
  • Tests of Chemical Cartridges against organic vapors.
  • Test of Chemical Cartridges against acid gases.
  • Test of chemical cartridges against ammonia.

We perform facial seal tests, we have quantitative and qualitative measurement equipment. (Portacount, Team Q fit (saccharine test))

Ear protection

We have the equipment to realize measures of acoustic protection, such as:

  • Measurement of decibel attenuation.

Our laboratory has mass and length calibration standards.

Our company has a quality management system, certified ISO 9001: 2008