Tyveck Diver

Dupont tyvek disposable suit. Wrist and ankle settings, front closure, protective hood. Recommended for protection against dry particles.  

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Optimum durability
Tyvek® Classic is very resistant to abrasion and tearing and thus can withstand the mechanical demands inherent in the use of a protective garment. The following photos illustrate the behavior of protective clothing materials that have withstood a mechanical load in the form of abrasion.

Every year, millions of Tyvek® Classic protective suits protect users from all over the world. It matters little whether they work in the chemical, food or pharmaceutical industry, in activities such as cleaning or industrial maintenance or in a paint company: thanks to Tyvek® Classic garments, DuPont offers them safe, reliable and proven protection against over 150 hazardous substances and in multiple applications.

Today, in more than two out of three cases, Tyvek® Classic is the selected protection against solid particles (Type 5), light liquid aerosols and mist sprayed from water-based chemicals (Type 6).


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