Parachute harness 3 rings

Parachute harness 3 rings

3-ring safety harness. Anti-collapse full body harness. Type vest, with restriction or positioning system for the user. A single ring on the back and two rings on the waist, used to tie up and allow to keep hands free or to restrict exposure to edges where there is a risk of falling.

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• Made of 45 mm high strength polyester tape of 2500 kF and forged fitting with antioxidant zinc.

• YARDBIRD is certified by Under writers Laboratories Inc ( in accordance with ANSI / ASSE A10.32-2004 and ANSI / ASSE Z359.1-2007.


• Polyester material.

• Resistance 2500 kg.

• Width 45 mm.


• Forged steel material.

• Resistance 22 kN.


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