Reflecting Cones

Reflecting Cones

PVC Manufactured with high resistance to environmental conditions. Ideal for signage on roads and industries. Their high visibility characteristics allow them to be identified at any time of the day. Available 18 “, 28” and 36 “orange square-colored.

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  • Provides a quick and easy way to highlight and indicate
  • Risk areas
  • Dangerous areas
  • Perimeter Area Demarcation
  • Works under construction
  • landslides
  • Arrangements in the public thoroughfare or maintenance areas
  • Tape used in several items such as construction and also in companies of Maintenance, Roads, parking lots etc.


  • Made of PVC-polyvinyl
  • Flexible
  • It incorporates the fluorescent pigment throughout its mass, which causes it does not decolour prematurely.
  • 18″ –  28”  and 36″ inches
  • Height: 700 mm / Base: 340 x 340 mm / Weight: 1,9 kg


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