M800 Respirator (copia)

Filtros Químicos M Filtros Particulados M Filtros Mixtos M

  Two-way respirator, dielectric, Silicone manufactured, hypoallergenic, with double-set tape harness and Easy Down system. S, M and L. Sizes CE certificate.   Ficha M800  Certificado M800   * Respirators and filters are sold separately.

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  • Displaced filters that allow a better distribution of the weight giving a greater comfort to the user.
  • It allows an easy and fast connection of the filters due to its bayonet system.
  • Respirator manufactured in sizes S, M and L.
  • High durability and heat resistance. It has no metal parts.
  • Adjust to the face with head harness and elastic band that allows the respirator to rest on the chest, protected from the environment.
  • Head made of polyester tape giving an absolute comfort when placed in the neck.
  • Downward restraint option for users wearing a helmet.
  • Elastic band spare parts and valve set available to the user.
  • Extra thin inhalation and exhalation valves providing excellent and easy breathing.
  • Two-way respirator with a complete range of simple and mixed filters, against all types of particulate matter and chemical contaminants.


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